Safety Equipment

Emergency Drinking Water

Great Circle survival water pouches are portioned to ration fresh drinking water servings and consist of 5 x 100ml hermetically sealed sachets, giving a total of 500ml or ½ litre of water rations per pouch. Unaffected by heat, cold or shock they are individually marked with the month and year of manufacture and have a shelf life of three years.

Great Circle emergency drinking water is tested for sterility before packaging and is produced under ISO manufacture and quality control directives and manufactured in strict accordance with SOLAS, IMO and MSC regulations.


ISO Standard 18813:2006

SOLAS MSC. 218(82). Amendment to the LSA Code

E.C. Directive 98/83 DT. 03.11.98



Emergency Food Rations

Emergency Food RationsEmergency Food Rations

Great Circle heat sealed vacuumed-packed concentrated food rations are portion controlled to provide essential survival nourishment while conserving natural body fluids. Each pack contains eight food portions for accurate rationing and provides a food value to a minimum of 10,000kj per each 500 gram pack. Unaffected by heat, cold or shock they are individually marked with the month and year of manufacture and have a shelf life of three years.
Great Circle Emergency Food rations are produced under ISO 9001-2000 manufacture and quality control directives and manufactured in strict accordance with SOLAS, IMO and MSC regulations.
ISO Standard 18813:2006

SOLAS MSC. 218(82). Amendment to the LSA Code

E.C. Directive 98/83 DT. 03.11.98



Palm oil

Peanut protein powder


Food additives: ammonium hydrogen carbonate, sodium hydrogen carbonate.

Nutrition breakdown per 500 gram pack

Total Calories: 10,000 Kilojoules





60% - 70%

50% - 60%


18% - 23%

33% - 43%


6% - 10%

5% - 8%


≤ 5%



< 0.2%




Fishing Kit

Compact and lightweight, Great Circle’s fishing kit provides the basic components to catch fish, not only when lives are in peril but also when a handy compact assortment of fishing components is needed.

The plastic screw top container includes:

  • Line-winder with monofilament line
  • 6 hooks with coloured lures
  • Jiggler multi-hook


Safety knife

Safety knife

Made from stainless-steel and moulded plastic. The rounded tip and sharp cutting edge of our safety knife ensures that it is safe to use in life rafts, inflatable craft or where a pointed blade may cause injury or damage. Supplied with security lanyard.


Senhouse Slip Hook

Used worldwide for life raft installations on vessels of all sizes. Ensures maximum security under load with easy release function. Manufactured from marine grade stainless-steel.



Lashing Straps

Great Circle two and three point container lashing systems feature high quality, heavy duty webbing, stainless-steel anchor points and quick release slip hook. An adjustment buckle keeps the installation secure.

Custom Installations

Our highly experienced machinists are always ready to make a securing system to your exact requirements.



Waterproof Matches

Waterproof Matches

Made specifically for emergency use, wind and waterproof matches are designed to produce flame outdoors in difficult ignition conditions.

25 matches and striker plate are provided in a resealable plastic container. Each match burns for 10-20 seconds.


Rescue Quoit & Line

Rescue Quoit & Line

Easily throw-able rubber quoit and retrieval line provides assistance to survivors some distance from the survival craft.

Quoit and attached 30 metres of line is housed in a quality pouch for tangle free deployment.



Thermal Protection Aid

Thermal Protection Aid

Great Circle’s Thermal Protection Aid protects against hypothermia and at our low price, a few stashed in an emergency bag or aboard your life raft may prove to be the best investment you ever make. The all-in-one suit can be put on over bulky clothing and lifejackets while still allowing full movement of arms and legs. The bright orange suit is made of lightweight polyethylene with an aluminium foil liner to minimise body heat loss and weighs only 200grams.

Great Circle Thermal Protective Aid is SOLAS & Ship’s Wheel approved.



Hydrostatic Release Unit for Life Rafts

Salcom Servo-Release™ HRU

Designed and fabricated from tough non-corrosive materials and with an integral quick release mechanism, the Salcom Servo-Release™ HRU represents innovative thinking and real cost saving benefits in automatic hydrostatic release units for life rafts.

At a depth of 1.5 to 4 metres, water pressure alone is sufficient to depress an internal diaphragm in the HRU to operate the release mechanism. This offers considerable advantages both in reliability and performance as the releasing system does not depend on a sharp blade, a pyrotechnic device or a battery to release the life raft.

Salcom Servo-Release™ HRUs meet all international regulations and each unit is individually tested to ensure they are most reliable HRU in an emergency situation.

How Does it Work?

The Salcom Servo-Release™ Hydrostatic Release Unit can be fitted to any container packed life raft from 4 – 150 person capacity, to allow unattended deployment in a sinking vessel. At a depth of between 1.5 to four metres, water pressure depresses an internal diaphragm within the device. This operates the release mechanism that secures the raft container to its cradle or mounting position. The life raft will then float free of the sinking vessel and rise towards the surface with the raft’s painter line paying out as the vessel continues to sink. When all the free length of painter line is paid out, the inflation mechanism of the life raft is activated, the raft inflates and continues to rise towards the surface. At this point of inflation, the weak link on the HRU breaks and allows the life raft to continue to float to the surface ready for boarding.

Salcom Servo-Release™ HRU Features

Suitable for life rafts from 4 to 150 persons – maximum load 10kN (2250 lbs).

Fabricated from non-corrosive, quality components, including marine grade stainless-steel.

Highly reliable release mechanism – does not depend on sharp blade, pyrotechnic device or battery.

Includes manual release lever – no Senhouse slip-hook required.

Service life of two years – no maintenance required.

Complies with SOLAS and IMO regulations, Lloyds Register Certified, US Coast Guard approved.



Rescue Streamer™


Rescue Streamer™


Rescue Streamer™


Rescue Streamer™


Designed the float behind you or your vessel when in distress to alert rescuers. Wonderfully simple, but highly effective, the Rescue Streamer™ Distress Signal does not require batteries, or depend on electronics or pyrotechnic devices to let rescuers know where you are. The patented, high-strength bright orange distress streamer can be seen over a mile away and provides a continuous highly visible pointer that works till you’re found.

There are two types of streamers; one for personal use and one for use in boats, kayaks, vehicles and aircraft.

Rescue Streamer™ SURVIVOR

The Rescue Streamer™ Survivor is the size of a mobile phone and designed for personal use.  With its built-in clip, it attaches to clothing, life vests or PFD’s. On release in an emergency, it will deploy to its full 7.62 metre length as it floats with the current.

Rescue Streamer™ MARINER

The Rescue Streamer™ Mariner is 12.2 metres long but stows into a remarkably compact unit. It’s a great safety aid for offshore cruising or fishing as well as remote land destinations, and it’s ideal for life rafts, on boats or aircraft and all emergency kits.



Seamark Dye


Seamark Dye


A person in distress scatters Seamark Dye on the water when a potential rescue vessel or aircraft appears. The unique feature of SEAMARK is its rapid surface spread over a large area of water where maximum UV light activation of the fluorescent contents assures a brilliant spotting mark. It is clearly visible as a distress signal for up to an hour and in good visibility, can be seen by aircraft over 10 km away. A person overboard should immediately deploy SEAMARK to guide the returning vessel.

- Complies with SOLAS 74/96LSA code and IMO Res MSC81(70), approved for all recreational and commercial vessels in Australian or International waters. 

- Two types; standard - 2.7 kg weight; heavy - 4 kg weight. Required for automatic launching on larger ships.



Lifebuoy Lights

 Life buoy lights


Life buoy lights


Life buoy lights




Emergency Desalinator

Katadyn Survivor 6

Fresh drinking water is the most precious commodity in emergency situations and the Survivor 6 provides a significant aid to longer term survival. Compact and powerful, the hand operated Survivor-06 is able to produce over 21 litres of drinkable water per day from seawater. A semi-permeable membrane inside the unit acts as a molecular filter. When seawater is pressurized to 800 psi (~55 bar) by pumping the handle and forced against the membrane, only the water molecules can pass through: salt molecules are unable to pass and flow out of the system.

Technology:      Reverse Osmosis

Salt rejection:    98.4% on average (96.8% minimum). The desalination degree effect depends on different influence factors such as pressure, throughput and the quality of water.

Permeate Flow: 0.89 l/h +/- 15%

Weight:               1.13 kg

Dimensions:      12.7 x 20.3 x 6.4 cm

Guarantee:        1 year

Material:            Pump: Stainless Steel, plastic

Membrane approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)



Signalling Mirror/Heliograph


Signalling mirrors (or heliographs) can be used to reflect sunlight or a searchlight beam to rescuers, thereby alerting and pinpointing your position. Although deceptively simple, it is a mistake to underestimate the functionality and effectiveness of this device to attract attention. A flash from a heliograph can be seen from a great distance and with its fail-proof qualities it remains an essential piece of survival gear. No emergency kit should be without one.

Safety lanyard connects two key components, Sighting Key and mirror quality, stainless-steel reflector.

- Instructions printed on reverse side of reflector.

- Robust, lightweight and fail-proof

- Useful as a personal mirror

Dimensions:  108mm x 90mm 

Overall weight:  50g  (1.8oz)

Instructions for using a Signalling Mirror

1.     With aid of the lanyard, place the Signalling Mirror over the user’s neck

2.     Hold the mirror in one hand and point toward the sunlight or light source

3.     With the plastic Sighting Key in the other hand, position it so that it is in line with the mirror

4.     Rock the mirror until the hole in the mirror centralizes on Sighting Key hole. 

5.     By aligning the two holes on the target, the light source beam is directed towards the target




’V’ Distress Sheet

Orange PVC fabric with embossed black letter ‘V’. The Australian Distress sheet is used to visually signal distress and is based on the International Code Flag ‘V’ / ‘Victor’ (diagonal red cross on white background) which when flown as a single flag, means “I require Assistance”.

’V’ Distress Sheet

Australian Distress Signal

Australian Distress Signal

International Code flag: ‘V’ / ‘Victor’ – “I require Assistance”


Navigation Shapes

Navigation Shapes

Navigation Shapes

Navigation Shapes

Manufactured of two interlocking nylon pieces, the ball and cone shape can be used singularly or in combination during daylight to show the activity or the situation the vessel is engaged in (e.g. not under command, towing or fishing).

- Ball – 300 mm dia.

- Cone – 460 x 330 mm

- Meets COLREGS requirements.

- Lashing holes allows group arrangements e.g. two cone shapes to form a diamond.

- Easily disassembled for flat stowage 



Signalling Whistle

Our orange plastic pea-less whistle may be amongst the simplest of signalling devices but even at great range, it commands attention with little user effort. It remains an indispensible signalling tool.



Rescue Sling

Pic  97

Crew overboard rescue system consisting of stowage bag with straps for rail mounting, 40 metres x 8mm floating rope and flexible buoyant rescue sling. Instructions for use are printed on bag. Meets AYF requirements.

Complete rescue gear, which delivers flotation to the victim and provides a means to hoist the person back aboard (with the help of a lifting tackle or halyard winch if necessary). The clever and exclusive design of the Rescue Sling consists of the retrieval line which is coiled on a reel thus avoiding the line tangling or fouling, and makes the Rescue Sling a most efficient and straight forward man over board recovery system.





Waterproof Notebook

Great Circle’s Wet Notes waterproof notebook has a multitude of uses in wet environments and can even be used underwater. 45 removable and reusable pages are bound in a go anywhere plastic cover which includes pencil and erasure. Page size is 172 x 100mm.


Hand Bearing Compass

Hand Bearing Compass

Our SportAbout hand bearing compass is manufactured by Ritchie, one of the world’s most respected compass manufacturers. Pocket sized but big in features, the SportAbout is a worthy addition to any emergency kit. It will provide accurate heading references under the most adverse conditions without relying on electricity, radio signals or satellite transmissions.


- 50mm direct reading dial

- Sapphire jewel and hardened steel fulcrum movement for years of accurate performance

- Up to 18 hours of lighting from the inbuilt Chem-stick

- Silicon, impact absorbing, safety yellow case incorporates neck lanyard

- Built-in expansion chamber allows accurate operation over wide temperature range

- Five year warranty