Your safety guides every decision and every action taken by every member of our team.

Many mariners will know that the words Great Circle have their origins in navigation. A Great Circle Track is, in fact an arc, and is the shortest route between two points on the surface of the Earth when its plane passes through the Earth’s centre.

To shorten travelling duration, this track becomes increasingly significant when longer distances are planned. It is why aircraft flying from America to Asia take the shortest route over the North Pole.

Our life rafts and safety equipment also bear the name Great Circle and ocean passage capable products that will perform under the most demanding of conditions are our cornerstone.

Great Circle is also a dedicated circle of great people who appreciate the responsibility of marine safety. Our team, including those at our life raft manufacturing facility in Shanghai and those in Australia, preparing, manufacturing, servicing or liaising with our clients, know that your life may depend on one of our products. It is a responsibility that goes to the heart of our company and guides every decision and every action taken by every team member.


Great Circle Marine Pty Ltd