A World of Service


Buying a Great Circle Life Raft gives you access to one of the world’s largest network of authorised life-raft service facilities. Competent technicians are ready to assist you in over 120 service stations around the world. For assistance, or for the list of approved Great Circle Service Centres, please contact us at Great Circle.

Three Year Extended Service Interval

Service ChargesYour Great Circle Oceanmaster® Life Raft is vacuum sealed in a rugged plastic envelope for extra protection and extended servicing intervals. Since life rafts contain many degradable components, we recommend the following MINIMUM service schedule:
1st service – within 3 years
2nd service – within 3 years of first service
3rd service – within 3 years of second service
4th and subsequent service intervals – not exceeding one year

Some state marine authorities and boating organisations require life rafts for commercial vessels under survey and yachts engaged in racing are to be serviced annually or at specified regular intervals. Great Circle Life Rafts will be pleased to advise you of your servicing requirements in these instances.
Servicing of Great Circle Oceanmaster® Life Rafts should be carried out by an authorised Great Circle Life Raft service facility. Call us at Great Circle on 1300 306 381 (Australia wide).

The steps involved in inspecting and servicing a Great Circle Life Raft are comprehensive and contained within an approved life raft service manual. A detailed checklist guides all tasks performed by qualified technicians, who will:
► Open the canister or valise.
► Unfold and inflate the life raft.
► Inspect all components of the life raft.
► Test the inflation system; firing head, valves and buoyancy tubes.
► Check all emergency equipment.
► Replace out of date equipment (or will be before the next service).
► Hydrostatic test of inflation cylinder (depending on raft’s age).
► Re-pack and reseal the raft in its protective envelope and close canister.

Service Charges

Great Circle Life rafts service fees are based on the raft model, capacity and equipment. Parts and equipment that are replaced due to expiration or failure during testing are an additional charge. Our priority at all times is to provide life raft service as quickly and cost efficiently as possible to your satisfaction.