Why Choose Great Circle Life Rafts?

Why Choose Great Circle Life Rafts?



Quality  -  Strength  -  Reliability


Invest in Your Life

When you invest in a Great Circle Life Raft you can be confident you have made an important decision about you and your crew’s safety. Being properly prepared ensures peace of mind so you can enjoy your boating activity – knowing that the chances of survival of everyone aboard are increased if things suddenly go wrong.

Invest in Strength

Buoyancy tubes

Double, fail-safe buoyancy tubes and auto-inflatable arch/canopy support system are formed from butyl, an extremely tough yet light fabric that is purpose-made in our factory. PVC is not good enough for us.

Nylon canopy

Rip-stop nylon canopy (not PVC) provides a lightweight, waterproof and rugged covering.

Invest in Survival

Cellular foam floor with aluminium film reflective top coating  
As well as protection from the wind and sun, our rafts keep you warm and dry in significantly greater comfort. Insulated floors are a standard feature on Great Circle Life Rafts because hypothermia can be a significant factor in survival. The innovative sandwich design offers lighter weight and fail-safe protection compared to older inflatable floor systems.


Emergency Equipment Pack

Emergency equipment carried aboard Great Circle Life Rafts is the result of careful attention to functionality and reliability. Our equipment packs are light, but all components are premium quality and highly suited to their intended purpose.

Invest in Seaworthiness

Stabilizing water ballast bags

Great Circle’s large capacity ballast bags fill with water within seconds of inflation to increase stability when boarding and reduce the risk of capsize in high winds and large seas.


Boarding System  

Semi-rigid boarding ramp is standard on Great Circle Oceanmaster® Life Rafts. Proven to be the easiest way to board a raft when victims are cold, fatigued and weighted down with foul weather clothing and inflated lifejackets. Great Circle boarding ladders feature rigid treads and high visibility colour with webbing bridle inside to assist entry into raft.

Invest in Design


Extra large entrance allows easier boarding, including the ability to jump directly into the raft. Superior entrance closure(s) feature heavy duty, non-binding, dual zippers with ventilation tie-backs. 10 & 12 person rafts feature two entrances for faster survivor boarding. 


Be seen - High visibility

High visibility orange colour on underside of hull, canopy and stability bags aids rescuers locating life-raft victims even if the raft is inverted. Uni-directional retro/radar reflective segments across the arch are standard features on the canopy to increase the chances of electronic detection.


Invest in Craftmanship

We create our life rafts one-by-one, by hand in one of the world’s largest, most up-to-date, purpose built life-raft complexes. Each raft is individually assembled, thoroughly checked, and then put through a rigorous series of tests utilizing the latest technology.


Invest in Reliability


Firing System

CO2/N2 inflation system is fully certified and features premium quality gas cylinder(s) and fast release firing mechanism.


Hermetic Protection

Every Great Circle Life Raft is hermetically sealed in a rugged plastic envelope for extra protection from the harsh, salty environment. Whether your raft is stowed in a hard fibreglass canister or soft valise case, a long life expectancy and extended servicing intervals are significant benefits of this feature.


Invest in Your Life

No-one ever expects to have to use their life raft but it remains a salutary thought: your raft may one day become your last option and your life and that of your crew may depend on it. A Great Circle Life Raft is front line life insurance; it is alos an investment in your life.



If the worst should happen…

What has been learned from real life situations on the oceans of the world is incorporated into every Great Circle life raft. Our rafts are the culmination of hours of research and testing and are engineered to the world’s highest level of quality and reliability – our international certificates and quality assurance systems to ISO 9001 registration attest this. Strength, reliability and quality in a compact and lightweight package are always our design and manufacturing goals. If the worst should happen, in the most demanding of sea conditions, you can be confident that your Great Circle life raft is ready to help save your life.


The reputation of Great Circle Life Rafts is built on attention to quality in every detail of product development, production and customer relations. Your life may one day depend on one of our products, so quality assurance requirements are at our foundations and all of our rafts are manufactured according to the demands set in ISO 9001-2000. We have a commitment to meet the needs of our customers through continual product development and improvements both in production process and human resources.



We guarantee quality and we strive hard for functionality, toughness and reliability. Because we know that when you’re miles out at sea, your life may depend on our craftsmanship. Our confidence in the quality, workmanship and reliability of our life rafts allow us to provide a 12 year guarantee for all the life rafts we manufacture, provided they undergo inspections at required intervals in a Great Circle Life Rafts approved service facility.
The guarantee is valid only on return of the guarantee card and subject to the terms and conditions therein.