Emergency Drinking Water

Emergency Drinking Water Great Circle water pouches provide water to aid survival in emergency situations.

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Emergency Drinking Water

Great Circle survival water pouches are portioned to ration fresh drinking water servings and consist of 5 x 100ml hermetically sealed sachets, giving a total of 500ml or ½ litre of water rations per pouch. Unaffected by heat, cold or shock they are individually marked with the month and year of manufacture and have a shelf life of three years.

Great Circle emergency drinking water is tested for sterility before packaging and is produced under ISO manufacture and quality control directives and manufactured in strict accordance with SOLAS, IMO and MSC regulations.


SOLAS MSC. 218(82). Amendment to the LSA Code

E.C. Directive 98/83 DT. 03.11.98

ISO Standard 18813:2006