Great Circle Oceanmaster® Life Rafts are designed for extended offshore commercial and recreational boating and they meet or exceed the highest specifications set down by Australian marine authorities, International Organisation for Standardisation and boating associations.

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They feature premium components, top quality craftsmanship and meticulous quality control. If the worst should happen, in the most demanding of sea conditions, you can be confident that your Great Circle Oceanmaster® Life Raft is designed and equipped to help save your life.

  • ISO 9001:2000 – Quality assured life raft manufacturing facility
  • ISO 9650 – International life raft design and quality certification
  • Yachting Australia / Yachting New Zealand & ISAF compliant
  • NSCV (USL Survey) approved.


  • Double, fail safe buoyancy tubes and auto-inflatable arch/canopy support system formed from butyl rubber (not PVC)
  • Rip stop nylon canopy (not PVC)
  • CO2/N2 inflation system features premium quality gas cylinder(s) and firing mechanism. Designed to inflate correctly at an ambient air temperature of between -15º and 65º C.
  • Insulated floor of aluminium composite cellular foam 
  • High visibility orange colour on underside of hull, canopy and stability bags
  • Choice of emergency equipment pack, featuring premium quality components
  • High capacity & weighted stability bags
  • Manually deployed, heavy duty drogue (sea anchor) with minimum 15 metres of line and anti-foul swivel.
  • Semi-rigid boarding ramp and support handle features high visibility colour with interior assist bridle.
  • Extra large entrance for easy boarding. Entrance closure(s) feature heavy duty dual zippers with ventilation tie-backs. 
  • Uni-directional retro/radar reflective segment across arch
  • Rainwater catchment system with closable delivery tube
  • Viewing port and vent
  • Heavy duty righting line system
  • Easily accessed topping up valves.
  • Exterior lifeline and interior grab-lines.
  • SOLAS standard exterior survivor locator light and interior light.
  • Retro-reflective tape segments on underside of hull and on canopy.
  • Minimum 12 metres painter line
  • Choice of top quality fibreglass canister or urethane valise pack (four, six & eight person raft only)
  • Vacuum packed for greater environmental protection and prolonged service intervals.