Seamark Dye

Seamark Dye
Great Circle's Seamark Dye colours the water around you to alert potential rescuers to your position.

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Seamark Dye

A person in distress scatters Seamark Dye on the water when a potential rescue vessel or aircraft appears. The unique feature of SEAMARK is its rapid surface spread over a large area of water where maximum UV light activation of the fluorescent contents assures a brilliant spotting mark. It is clearly visible as a distress signal for up to an hour and in good visibility, can be seen by aircraft over 10 km away. A person overboard should immediately deploy SEAMARK to guide the returning vessel.

Compact foil packs of SEAMARK suit all boats, yachts, over-water aviator, and survival craft, as well as snorkelers, divers and sailboarders. They can be stowed in pockets, pouches, within distress kits or attached to lifebuoys, lifejackets or other equipment. The sealed foil pack has an indefinite shelf life. 40gram Foil Marine Pack.   Dimensions: 95mm L x 50mm H


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