Signalling Mirror

Signalling Mirror
Signalling mirrors (or heliographs) can be used to reflect sunlight or a searchlight beam to rescuers, thereby alerting and pinpointing your position. 

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Signalling Mirror/Heliograph

Signalling mirrors (or heliographs) are simple to use but are extremely functional and effective devices to attract attention. A flash from a mirror/heliograph can be seen from a great distance and with its fail-proof qualities it remains an essential piece of survival gear. No emergency kit should be without one.

The safety lanyard connects two key components, Sighting Key and mirror quality, stainless-steel reflector. 

  • Instructions printed on reverse side of reflector.
  •  Robust, lightweight and fail-proof
  •   Useful as a personal mirror                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Dimensions:  108mm x 90mm 

Overall weight:  50g  (1.8oz)

Instructions for using a Signalling Mirror

1.     With aid of the lanyard, place the Signalling Mirror over the user’s neck

2.     Hold the mirror in one hand and point toward the sunlight or light source

3.   With the plastic Sighting Key in the other hand, position it so that it is in line with the mirror

4.   Rock the mirror until the hole in the mirror centralises on Sighting Key hole.